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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during counseling and therapy?

Counseling is a unique experience for each person. However, the client is in charge of the session and decides what they would like to discuss. Therapists are meant to be neutral, unbiased, and supportive. Sometimes therapy can be intense and emotional. Other times, it can be funny or uplifting. The therapist will integrate interventions into treatment that are aimed at meeting the goals outlined in your treatment plan. However, it is mostly a dialogue and conversation between the client and therapist. It should feel comfortable, insightful, and reflective at times. 

How long do sessions last?

The first session is 60 minutes. Every other therapy session is 45-53 minutes, depending on insurance or private pay. We will discuss the length of sessions during our first meeting. 

Do you provide sessions in the office or via telehealth, and where are you your offices located?

SAAC offers both in-person sessions in the office and sessions via telehealth. Therapists are not in the office every day of the week, so they each have at least two days that they work in the office and the rest of their appointments are via telehealth. SAAC's offices are located in Fresno and in Sherman Oaks (LA). Please reach out to the office with detailed questions. 

What can I expect when I reach out for an appointment?

The Office manager at SAAC will ask you for some information. The information may seem personal, but it is needed for us to verify insurance and other important intake processes. Our office uses HIPAA complaint software and protects all patient health information.

We will ask for your insurance information, date of birth, address, phone number, and other applicable identifying information depending on your insurance. They each have their own requirements. Also, our offices are eco-friendly so we do everything as electronic as possible. So, an email is essential in communicating with the office manager and the team. We do use our phones, but they are limited for appointment communication.

Using Mobile Phones
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