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Safe And Affirmative Counseling

Supporting Diverse Communities in the Central Valley and throughout California

Offering Sessions In-Person and via Telehealth

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Why Meet with us at SAAC

Specializing in gender affirming care, LGBTQ+ support, couples counseling, anxiety management, and mood disorders including depression. 

Safe And Affirmative Counseling is a welcoming space designed to provide safe and affirming individual, couples, and family counseling services. Our team of experienced and diverse counselors is dedicated to supporting the diverse communities in the central valley and all over the state of California. We specialize in gender affirming care, LGBTQ+ support, and BIPOC awareness/inclusivity. We are mindful of privilege, social justice, intersections, micro-aggressions, and other social factors that affect a person's system and life. Our approach is rooted in empathy, respect, and cultural competence, ensuring that every individual feels heard and valued.

SAAC counselors have specialized training in minority stress, gender affirming care, LGBT+ affirming therapy, Gottman Method Couples Counseling, EMDR Therapy, Brainspotting, DBT, CBT, TF-CBT, ACT, Narrative Therapy, Relational Therapy, and other evidenced based approaches to care.

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Areas of Life We Support at SAAC

Our Counseling Services Can Help With the following and MORE

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Anxiety and Depression

Our counselors are skilled in providing support for individuals dealing with anxiety and depression, creating a safe space for healing and growth.

Relationship and Family Issues

We offer guidance and counseling for couples and families facing challenges, fostering healthy communication and understanding. We utilize the Gottman Method for couples counseling support.

LGBTQ+ Support

Our counselors provide a supportive environment for individuals exploring their identity, promoting self-acceptance and personal growth. Specializing in gender identity and sexuality (LGBTQIA+)

EMDR Therapy and Trauma Healing

We specialize in trauma-informed care, helping individuals navigate past experiences and embark on a path towards healing and resilience. Most of the team is EMDR trained/certified.

Cultural and Minority Stress

Our counselors are equipped to address the unique stressors faced by cultural and minority communities, offering tailored support and empowerment.

WPATH Letters of Support

Our office provides letters of support for gender expansive clients (trans/enby/genderfluid/etc) to help with their transition including surgery and hormone therapy. We are not gatekeepers.

Client Stories

“The counselors at Safe And Affirmative Counseling helped me with my anxiety, depression, and I was able to start my transition without judgment. They really made an impact in my life when I needed it.”

— AM Confidential

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559 - 528 - 8880

6061 N Fresno St, Suite 100, Fresno, CA 93710

559 - 528 - 8880

559 - 528 - 8880

13400 Riverside Dr, Ste 318, Sherman Oaks, CA 91342

Telehealth throughout California, (Merced County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Tuolumne County, Sacramento, San Francisco, Bakersfield, and anywhere within the state.

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